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I'm Katrina
Hi there!
I'm a photographer, a wife, a mom and a St. James native. Photography was my first passion. I took four years in high school, where I learned the basics with film and developed in a dark room. In college, I ventured into digital photography and worked for a wedding photographer as a second shooter. I started my first photography business at 17 years old. Then, life happened… I put down my camera, I graduated with a bachelor’s in business marketing. I went on to wear many different hats (including soap-maker), but realized I am most happy with my camera in my hands. In 2020, I was booked with multiple sessions for family and friends and decided to create KAT + MOUSE Photography.

Here are the most asked questions!

Q: What Camera do you use?
A: Nikon D810

Q: What lens do you use?
A: 35mm is my go to, but I also like my 50mm for outdoor sessions.

Q: What does your business name mean?
A: KAT + MOUSE Photography is named after me and my daughter's nicknames (Kat and Gigi mouse), because real names are hard to pronounce.

One thing most people don’t know about me:
I played roller and ice hockey on an all boys league. I had no idea how the game was played. I thought I was suppose to check people and sit in the penalty box to get my snack and juice. I never made a goal, later on I was an excellent